Small Friends Nantucket

Our Philosophy

At Small Friends we strive to create a positive and nurturing environment, in which children feel secure and comfortable.

We foster a positive self identity and sense of emotional well being in each child. We nurture the development of social skills, which we believe to be paramount to an individual’s success and happiness.
We encourage children to think, reason, question and experiment. We believe the knowledge a child gains through hands-on active learning is the knowledge most likely to have meaning to the child and to remain with him. Teachers consistently strive to build on a child’s existing knowledge and guide the child through further thinking and exploration.

We facilitate language and literacy development, as we believe literacy to be the cornerstone of a quality education. We create a word rich environment for our youngest infants through emphasis on the spoken word in story telling, song and rhyme and move toward an environment rich with the written word for our preschool children.

We encourage creative expression and foster an appreciation for the arts. We believe early involvement with art, whether painting and drawing, or through music and movement, allow many young children the opportunity to best express themselves.

We strive to model and promote sound health and safety practices. We facilitate physical development through the use of many types of indoor and outdoor equipment and a wide variety of activities.

At Small Friends children are grouped according to age and development. We offer four settings to accommodate the needs of individual children. Group placements are based on several factors including age and a child’s age, social and emotional development.

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Phone: 508 228 6769
fax: 508 325 5646

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